If you have been diagnosed with a health condition by your medical doctor and/or you are currently under a medical doctor’s care and treatment, please consult with them and provide the following information to allow them to better govern your specific condition so that you are able to take full advantage of the many benefits that PrevailMax offers.

PrevailMax™ offers 11 active ingredients in (trace) amounts which fall far below the U.S. recommended daily allowance. This is extremely important for your treating physician to be aware of simply because PrevailMax™ is not intended to supplement a particular pre-existing deficiency of any kind. Instead, this unique, one-of-a-kind, patent-pending formula has been activated through its specialized manufacturing process to liberate the proper flow of one’s red blood cells to better transport oxygen, the necessary nutrients and components throughout the body. This formulated process allows the immediate increase in osmotic (water) pressure within the red blood cells to further embody a safe and protective environment therein.

NOTE: There has been NO known side effects observed or reported pertaining to the use of this advanced activated formula.

Can I take this product if I am on high blood pressure medications, including blood thinners?

Refer to disclaimer: High Blood Pressure.

I am diabetic, will this help my condition? Or should I not take this product as it will interfere with my medications?

Refer to disclaimer: Diabetes

What will this product do for me? Will it help me lose weight?

Refer to disclaimer: Weight Loss.

It looks like this makes my blood travel faster. Should I be concerned about it increasing my blood pressure?

Refer to disclaimer: Blood Pressure Influence.

I suffer from a thyroid condition (hypothyroidism). Will this product help me lessen the need for the medication I am currently taking?

Refer to disclaimer: Hypothyroidism.

I want to get pregnant but on the package it says to avoid taking if pregnant or lactating. Should I not take the product if my husband and I are trying to conceive?

Refer to disclaimer: Pregnancy.

Does this product assist with detoxification? If so, should I stop taking my other products that I'm taking to help with bowel movements/constipation?

Detoxification: The increased bio-electric charge that your body will carry when using PrevailMAX will assist in the natural peristalsis action of the colon, and assist in a natural and more comfortable bowel movement. You will be giving your body what it was lacking to perform it's most basic function. Continue with our previous protocol and then abstain from said protocol after combining PrevailMAX and your bowel regulation products for three days. Continue with PrevailMAX to assist this and many other relevant conditions.

Is this safe for children? If not, what age or body weight is recommended (at minimum) for safety?

It has become a customary standard in North America via the FDA to suggest that children under age 12 years old consult a qualified health care practitioner before using any supplemental product. This being said, we suggest you consult said practioner before use.

Is this product FDA approved?

PrevailMAX is considered a natural supplement and is recognized by the FDA as such.

Are there any medical papers on this product that I can access to show my doctor?

There has been years of supportive and collaborative studies done on the PrevailMAX technology that has been conducted by Dr. Mueller and his R & D company. Although to date, there has not been any thrid party studies done that have been published.

I had open-heart surgery and had stents put in my arteries. Will this product be safe for me to take given it changes (thins) my blood?

Refer to disclaimer: Blood thinners/Heart Related Conditions.

I see that this product changes my blood. Will this help eliminate cholesterol, and help me reduce the cholesterol drug I'm taking?

Refer to disclaimer: Cholesterol.

Do I take this product with food? Or can I take this product in the early morning when I take my other medicines? Do I take this product inbetween meals when I drink my other Valentus beverages, or only during breakfast, lunch and supper? (Product says to take 3 times a day, when?)

PrevailMAX can be taken any time day or night without complication because it is administered intra-orally and absorbs into the bloodstream quickly, thus bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and avoiding the time consuming, and often times interference of normal digestion.

My child was diagnosed with ADHD. Will this product cause him to become more hyperactive?

Refer to disclaimer: ADHD/Hyperactivity.

Can this product be used for pets?

Do not give this to pets. Use only Prevail K9 for pets.