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Added to SlimRoast Coffee, any other Coffee, or SlimRoast Hot Cocoa, Prevail KETO Creamer will get you to your goals faster and keep you healthy longer! How does it work? Prevail KETO Creamer offers a sugar-free addition to your daily cup of coffee, delivering healthy fats to enhance your ketosis and help you feel better than ever. Simply put, since ketosis takes fat and moves it into your bloodstream as bioavailable energy, this delicious creamer helps you turn fat into energy!​​


You're Struggling to lose weight, here's why

If you're like the majority of Americans, you've tried diet after diet, with little to no success. Why? Because even if you're cutting back on the calories, your body's natural response is to burn glucose, or sugar, before it starts burning fat. And the average person's diet contains A LOT of sugar that is available to burn. Luckily, there's a solution–and it's called Ketosis.

Ketosis can be achieved by adhering to a "Keto" diet, which can help you lose weight quickly by allowing your body to burn fat rather than sugar. Additionally, studies have shown that even after quitting a Keto diet, the majority of people found it easier to consume fewer calories without feeling hungry. It's scientifically proven and effective form of weight management!

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic process wherein the body burns stored fat instead of glucose when there is no glucose available. This results in a build-up of acids called Ketones within the body. Normally, fat is not soluble in water. Turning fat into Ketones allows fat to become water soluble, traveling in the bloodstream to nourish your brain and heart. When Ketones are in the bloodstream, the body is under Ketosis.

As Ketone bodies are only produced when sugar is not available, it is important to maintain a low-sugar, high-healthy diet in order to promote natural Ketosis. This will create Ketones that stimulate and nourish your brain, and release stored sugars to balance your glucose levels.

Why Serotonin?

Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body that helps to regulate mood and social behavior, as well as appetite, digestion and sleep. It sends signals between nerve cells, telling your brain how and what to feel. A lack of Serotonin has been found to correlate with depression, weight gain and overall poor health. Conversely, studies have shown that an abundance of Serotonin is key to a balanced mind and body. When Serotonin levels increase, feeling of anxiety and depression drop, you can count on a good night's rest, and your body is more likely to release weight!


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