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People Are Losing a Pound a Day!

Do you know anybody who loves coffee? Do you know anyone who wants to lose weight? Do you know anybody who wants to make money while they are drinking coffee and losing weight? The Company is called Valentus. The one-of-a-kind product is called Prevail SlimRoast. The time is NOW to cash in on this weight loss frenzy!

What makes this weight loss coffee so special? It works, and it works quickly. The testimonials are pouring in at an astounding rate. Just take a look at some of these amazing results people are reporting after drinking this coffee for a very short time!

“Lost 8lb.in a week ?” Susan F. Brookville, IN

“Just so you know I’m down 3 lbs. Since Saturday. The energy the coffee has given me is remarkable! I just feel more energetic and getting back brain clarity. Before I was tired and had brain fog. Gosh! I am absolutely amazed and liking the way I feel.” Debbie R. Brookville, IN

“Down 45 pounds! Still have quite a bit more to go but I’m so proud of myself. I tried to put on the shorts I have on in the first picture today and they fell off of me. Don’t mind me looking like poop! I don’t care lol I’m happy with myself smile ” Kendra L. Connersville, IN

Here is Kendra a year later and down over 100 pounds!

Here is Kendra 2 years later and down over 120 pounds!

“Let me just take a quick minute(I’m at work) to say, I have an amazing amount of energy after drinking my Slimroast!!” Tiffany R. Milton, IN

“Wow, what a huge difference in me since last year at this time! Due to some long-term stress in my life I had gained so much weight that I didn’t even recognize myself. I had all but given up hope. I am so glad that I found Valentus, or should I say, I’m so glad that it found me! I still have more weight that I want to lose, but 55 pounds is a really good start!” Donna M. Laurel, IN

“I drink a slim roast coffee in morning and Trim in afternoon. Sometimes prior to workouts I drink an energy. Immune’s I’ve found are good to drink at or after dinner. but holy cow. I have to force my meals down LOL I really have lost enough weight!! Stuff works like nothing I’ve seen in 30 years and it tastes better than my Starbuck’s!” Rick J. Huston, TX

“I have been using close to boiling and it’s been working big time! I went way off my diet for 3 days, eating larger meals, cake…lots of cake:-( and ice cream, etc. and still lost 3 pounds. This morning, I see I lost 2 more pounds! Never seen any product work like this!” David M. Pasadena, Maryland

“I have tried 2 samples of SlimRoast. I love the energy, the mental clarity and of course the 4 1/2 lbs. I lost in 2 days!” Tiffany R. Milton, IN

“Since I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m trying different ways to entice my taste buds because I need to lose weight and know I’m not the only non-coffee drinker out there! Just finished drinking a cold coffee drink with Stevia and a carmel flavoring by Folgers in a squeeze bottle in the creamer section. It has zero calories, total fat, sodium, total carbs, and protein and also comes in Hazelnut flavoring. It makes the coffee delicious and I thought I’d share in case you have a potential customer that is not a coffee drinker! I’d addicted to Slim Roast now!” Peggy C. Alabaster, Alabama

“I was not losing weight and starting to get bummed because of all the testimonials coming in. I kept reminding myself, men lose faster than women and the more you have to lose the faster you will lose initially. I reluctantly stepped on my scales this morning and wal la, down 6 lbs!!! In the beginning I wasn’t eating enough and my body kinda was on a lock down, two days ago I decided to just eat until I felt satisfied, it worked!!! Moral of the story, let the product do it’s job!!! It’s been around 10 days since I started drinking slimroast, so 6 lbs is phenomenal.” Linda V. Beaufort, SC

“I’m not hungry after my first cup. Thank you.” Judy R.

“I’m not a coffee drinker, I find it makes my heart race too much. I work graveyards and last night I had the one sample and loved it! I had the perfect amount of energy and I’m not sure if it was the drink but my mood was great! I was motivated.. It had to be it, right?” Megan W. Grand Forks, BC

By drinking mostly just one stick of slim roast coffee a day in three weeks I lost 14lbs.!!!!!!” Heather V.

“Can this be true? Remember when I told you I was trying on clothes? I knew I was going to be going for dinner on Mothers Day and picked out a pair of capris that wouldn’t button. I thought I will just have to wear them without buttoning them. They would button but I wouldn’t be able to breathe anyway after just one pkg of slim roast yesterday my pants are buttoned. Could I have been terribly bloated or is this the way it works. I am shocked!” Debbie R. Brookville, IN

“I have been using close to boiling and it’s been working big time! I went way off my diet for 3 days, eating larger meals, cake…lots of cake:-( and ice cream, etc. and still lost 3 pounds. This morning, I see I lost 2 more pounds! Never seen any product work like this!” David

“If anyone had told me that the little box of Slimroast weighed 15 lbs I would have laughed at them. However. I just finished my first box and that’s exactly how much weight I’ve lost. Well. actually, I gave away six samples from that box. There very well could be 20 lbs of weight loss in each box.” Tim S. Bancroft,Wisconsin

“My SlimRoast Coffee arrived on Saturday and by Thursday I had already lost 9.6 pounds! I have not been hungry, have not craved sweets or salty snacks, and I have lots of energy and focus! I am very impressed with SlimRoast Coffee! Finally, a product that is exactly as advertised!” Cyndy A.

“I’ve been on it 3 days 3 lbs lost…. a 1 lb a day I take that with this I’ll reach my goal soon!!!” Aileen F.

“5 lbs lost in 5 days now!!! but feel the inches going as well, clothes are loosening!. I’ve lost my sugar cravings and food has become something i need to put in now for fuel and not taking over my life wanting to go down my throat for no reason. I put my dinner on a small plate now and my body just accepts that’s what its getting with no fighting from my brain and it’s so happy – amazing. smile emoticon I LOVE this stuff ” Karen F.

“Ok I must say that I really hate coffee – event the smell of it but knew I had to give this a try. I mix it with my tea and add milk but get at least one in me a day! First 4 days I lost 6 lbs!!! I am so excited about this product that I will keep getting it in me no matter what!! I don’ t carve food at night and I never get the head aches I used to on food restrictive diets. I don’t eat as much but feel energized and alive!!!” Alyson M.

If you’re still not convinced that this product can do what it says it can do, then maybe you need a little more information about the product, company and opportunity. Feel free to contact me with questions.


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